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Who we are?

Maflex doo is a production company of flexible tubes and shafts founded in 2019 in Bijeljina. The main activity of our company is the design, production and placement of flexible pipes and shafts and solving all individual customer requests starting from the idea (concept) of the product until after sales activities.

Flexibile hoses and shafts from our company assortment have a wide rang of usage in all fields of industry. We have modern and up-to-date technology which reults in high quality products which are competitive in both European and world market.
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How we work?

Through our long history (companies we inherited in bussines MLADOST,PANAFLEX and OKTAN PROMET) we have managed to pick up all the finesse of our profession.Our Customers have very easy access to our product presentations,a detailed description and full tabelar overview of all available dimensions of our products.Beside that we do it also by the wishes and measures of the customer.We are looking for the simplest, and the most successful solutions for your problems and requirements. And if you have not become one of our satisfied customers and have a question for us, do not hesitate ask us anything you want,we will be more than happy to answer you. Clients are our first priority! Our business steps are simple, and very effective, and consist of:


We feel that contact is one of the most important conditions in good, successful cooperation. That is why we have provided many ways to contact us. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits you.


Modern technology that we follow up-to-date as well as professional staff enables us to make all of our products at the maximum level of quality for which we have received a certificate.


When delivering, our company dedicate great importance to the packaging and protection of our products in order to avoid any damage in transport. All of our products are shipped to the domestic and world markets.

Why choose us?

Long history

Our experience begins with founding the first companies back in 1955 called MLADOST and during our existence we have passed our experiance from generation to generation.


Our products are of the highest quality for which we have received certificates: ISO 9001:2015, EN 3834-2 and PED 2014/68 / EC regarding AD 200HP0 and HP 100 R.


Great attention was given to obtaining the best material for our products, so they would have a high quality level.

Modern technology

During our long existence we have always been up-to-date with technology. In addition, we have highly qualified staff.

Commitment to detail

The dedication to the details is something that makes us for many years. Each of our projects goes through multiple stages of design and testing before production.


All of our products are very accessible on the domestic and worldwide markets. You get the highest quality for the lowest price.

Find out why we are a multi-award-winning company.

Our production steps

  • Design
  • Preparation
  • Production
  • Revision
  • Finalization
Each new project is undergoing multiple design phases in order to be able to meet all of the client's requirements and to comply with the high level of quality. Multiple design is for the purpose of finding all the flaws of the previous design and to avoid the same. All designs are done on modern computer programs, which we test through various simulations.
Prior to each production of a new product, we pay close attention to the procurement of the highest quality materials so our products have a high quality level. We are supplying the material from the best and largest factories from all over the world,with whom we cooperate very successfully for many years for which we have received many awards.
The up-to-date technology wich we follow in a timely fashion since the day our company was founded has enabled us to produce all our products at the highest quality standards. Not only do we possess modern technology, on our side are a history of 63 years old and highly skilled and qualified staff. Quality is something we are most famous for.
After making all the products go through the multiple phase of testing, to ensure that our products are at the highest level of quality. The professional staff employed by us, whose job is only to verify product quality, does not allow us to sell a product with a failure. That is why we have been rewarded multiple times during our rich history.
After making and detailed testing of our products, all the products are carefully packed in suitable protective packs to ensure the best protection against any damage during transport. As such, our products are exported to the world market and during transportation do not be damaged. Become one of the many satisfied customers.

Our products

Metal flexible corrugated hoses

Type: Maflex N and Maflex S
Leakpoof hoses manufactured of smooth thin-wall. The corrugations are annular to the axis of the tube and made by deforming the metal; flexibility of the corrugations is obtained by the corrugation.

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Strip wound metal flexible hoses with limited leak proofnees type Sagrar, Sagrar Inox and Sagrar Inox with liner

Tubes are used for conveying at low pressures and permissible leakage loss of fluid. Typical example of application is in exhausting system for motor vehicles as an elastic element.

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Strip wound metal flexible hoses with limited leak proofnees type APA and GUPA

Type: Apa and Gupa
Applications: Conveying of hot air, exhausting gases of engines, gases at welding etc, Conveying of air, saw dust in woodworking industry,
Dimension: DN 20 to DN 400 mm

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Strip wound metal flexible hoses non-leak proof type Sapa and Elecplast

Type: Sapa and Elecplast
Applications: Industrial category: mechanical protection of rubber, Teflon tubes, electrical cables etc.
Dimension: Sapa DN 4 to DN 200 mm
Elecplast DN 8 to DN 45 mm

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Strip wound metal flexible hoses non-leak proof type Prekatip application in building industry

The hose has wide application in building industry such as: preloaded concrete, leaving of holes in concrete for cables, installation as well as emptiness’s in neutral zones from the reason more light construction and save the material

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Flexible tubes for chimneys

Type: Fuminox and Fumiflex
Applications: It is used for tubing of old and new chimneys in single and multistory buildings where solid, liquid and gaseous combustibles are used for heating.
Dimension: DN 80 to DN 400 mm

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Flexible shafts

Flexible shafts are the machine elements assigned to the transmission of motions between two axes which do not coincide or whose mutual position while working changes.

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Flexible tubes for ventilation and air conditioning

Type: Aeroflex and Kopex.
For ventilation and air conditioning in buildings and ships for dust exhausting from plants and transport of hot and cold air...

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Other specialty products

Products for special applications in the metal industry are:
Copper plaits
Afor tubes
Braflex products

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Wordwide market

Our products are present and in use all over the world. The quality material and the quality of our products have helped us to gain the trust of a large number of clients around the world. We are present in many countries, and our mission is to win the global market.
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We've conquered:

95% of Europe

81% of Asia

30% of South America


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