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Maflex doo

About us

Maflex doo is a production company of flexible tubes and shafts founded in 2019 in Bijeljina. The main activity of our company is the design, production and placement of flexible pipes and shafts and solving all individual customer requests starting from the idea (concept) of the product until after sales activities.

Wordwide market

Flexibile hoses and shafts from our company assortment have a wide rang of usage in all fields of industry. We have modern and up-to-date technology which reults in high quality products which are competitive in both European and world market. Find out why we are the best in our business field.

Our Team:

Zoran Pribišić


Nikola Trifković

Technical Director

Branko Delić

Sales manager

Production programme:



Starting a company

The year 1955 was written in gold in our calendar because we started the firm that year, which will prove to be very successful years later. During this period, our company was named "Mladost"



Company development

From year 1955 until 1991,we become very successful and went in step with technology of that era.At that time, we achieved many valuable awards and became the leading company in our category. During this period we changed the name to "Panaflex" which was part of the Holding Group "UNIS"



ISO 9001-14001

The year 2006 was also written in gold in our history, because in this years we were able to reach the world market and become very respected and recognizable as a brand. This year we have also received recognition in the form of certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001, which once again confirm our quality and care of the environment.



Oktan Promet doo

In 2014,our company changed its owner and name and under the new brand OKTAN PROMET appears in all world markets.




In 2019, a company was established with new owners under the new name and brand MAFLEX, which is appearing in all world markets. Our new company "MAFLEX" has taken over all production program, technology, machines, trained workers and continued production as it has been for the past 64 years. The name of the new company is taken from the name of the first product that was manufactured back in 1955.



Modern technology

In 2019 we have made a complete redesign of our already successful company. Now we have latest equipment and the latest technology in an even better and completely new facility. Find out why we are the best.
We are at your service!



ISO 3834-2 and PED 2014/68/ EC

We have received company certification according to EN 3834-2 and PED 2014/68 / EC regarding AD 200HP0 and HP 100 R in production metal flexible corrugated hoses.

Our certificates:

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